After 24 years, Linda is a very familiar face around here! She is certified in CND Shellac and she is hands down one of the best natural Nail Care Specialist on the Island. With her first touch, you know your manicure and pedicure will be great. Her manicures are heavenly, and her pedicures come with the best message you've ever experienced. It will definitely put pep in your step! Linda is a seasoned Nail Technician of twenty-four years who has dedicated most of those years to her clients on the islands. Just ask the scores of men and women who have taken advantage of her skills on a regular basis. They're sure to brag about her many talents. Linda uses the best products the industry has to offer, so whether it's an intense exfoliation, or just a day of pampering, you'll never feel so good, and you'll leave thinking about your next visit to Linda!

Karen Pence, Wife of VP Mike Pence, and Linda