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Hi, I'm MaryAnne. I was born right here on Sanibel

Island B.C. (Before Causeway) and was raised in Sanibel Beauty Salon. Back then my Mommy (Mary Aleck who started the Salon in 1951) would bring me to work with her everyday and I would grow to love the people and the magic that she would perform. Ladies and Gentlemen would come into the Salon looking "bedraggled" and not always in a pleasent state of mind, but before they left, they were transformed.They looked great and were so happy about how they looked and felt about themselves. There was lots of laughter and hugs and I loved being a part of it.Then it got better! I would help sweep and take rollers out of someones hair and Damn....they would give me a nickle, dime or even a quarter and I thought I was rich! And you know what... I was. I learned how to work with people, how to anticipate what they wanted or needed, and also how to give it to them. At the time,being on a small island also had it's advantages.My uncle Nick was the first principal of Sanibel Elementary School, so at the age of four he said "Let MaryAnne come to school, no one will ever know she's not old enough"


 and he was right, almost. It didn't get found out until I was sixteen years old and ready to take my State Board Exam, where you had to be a High School graduate and eighteen years old. Oops! My High School proved that I would indeed graduate and my Vocational School was able to talk the State Board into letting me take my exam, with my class, even though I would not be able to get my license at the time. My Teacher fought for me and after I aced my exam, they said,"Go to work, you're qualified." I worked for my Mom for sixteen years then bought the Salon from her. I've been at it now for forty-five years, and, still I love it! It's magic to be able to create different illusions around the face with someone's hair. I may not be the one to style your hair, but I make sure that my staff is up to date and professional. I guarantee you will be happy and that you will be connected to whomever will best suit your needs. I look forward to meeting you and Thank You for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

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